Payment Service

Enjoy a world of Peace and convenience with our online payment services portal.  

Now you can process and distribute staff salaries, make  pension , suppliers’ and government payments with the click of a button. Beneficiaries are credited irrespective of where their accounts are domiciled. Our e-payment solution can be Bank-Operated (bank process the payment for the customer) or Corporate Operated (customers process the payment themselves from their own office)

The Energy Bank payment services portal is a bundle of payment solutions designed for individuals and corporate organizations. It offers you the following payment options:

Salaries & Pensions Payment

A convenient online payroll processing platform which enables you process salaries and payments in just minutes

- Fast and secure instant payments guaranteed 
- A cost effective way to process and distribute salaries instantly

Utility bills Payment

Helps you keep track of your multiple utility payments and settle them instantly as they fall due

- pay bills, taxes and utilities at any Energy Bank branch 
- Eliminates the challenges associated with manual processing

Suppliers / Vendors Payment

Effect instant payments to your suppliers & vendors from the comfort of your office

- Direct credit to multiple accounts irrespective of the bank 
- eliminates clearing house delays associated with cheque lodgments 
- fast, convenient, and secured payments

Retail payments and Personal Remittance

Convenient way to pay for goods and services and to remit instant funds to family and friends

- process instant payments to multiple accounts irrespective of the bank
- Transfer funds over GHc100,000.00 with ease 
- Fast and secure instant payments guaranteed