SMS Alerts

Energy Bank SMS Alerts is a quick way of accessing transactions as soon as they happen on your accounts.  You can monitor your account quickly and efficiently.

With SMS Alert you will be notified of the following transactions:

          ·     Deposits

          ·     Withdrawals

          ·     Transfers

          ·     Salary payments

Benefits of SMS Alerts

          ·     Customers have updated position of their accounts at any point in time.

          ·     Offers convenience and easy monitoring of account.

          ·     Better management of finances.

          ·     Effective fraud alert in cases of unauthorized transactions on customer account.

          ·     Saves the time and energy of making calls or visits to the bank.

          ·     Payments made by distributors can be certified even without deposit slips.

          ·     Reduce time spent confirming customers’ payments.

          ·     Reduce crowd at your premises.

          ·     Enhances transparency between the bank and its clients.

          ·     No need to logon to the website or wait for printed activity reports to learn about 

                new deposits.