Corporate Governance

In line with the Policy Guidelines Proposals on Corporate Governance issued by the Bank of Ghana (the regulator), the bank’s corporate governance policies are designed to ensure the independence of the Board of Directors with a firm commitment to adhere to the highest standards of integrity both professionally and ethically.

To this end, the Board of Directors is committed to building a strong bank that thrives on integrity through the adoption of pragmatic policies and procedures that will ensure open, transparent and honest conduct of business, compliance with the applicable laws, rules, regulations, international conventions, best practices as well as dealing with potential, apparent or perceived conflict of interests situations.

The objective is to build a bank on the back of good corporate governance that would be the reference point of other banks in Ghana to provide the basis for its future development and corporate performance.

Pursuant to this objective, the board has adopted for itself, a corporate governance code which regulate in detail, the Board of Directors relationship with all stakeholders namely;

The Board and its relationship with

  • Shareholders
  • Senior Management
  • Staff
  • Customers
  • Community