Vision and Mission

The Vision of the Bank is to “build a strong bank based on the timeless principles of loyalty. To this end, we shall:

  • Not profit at the expense of our partners; our discipline and focus shall be win-win.
  • Be picky as to associates, employees, suppliers and even customers that we engage;only those who can help build mutually beneficial relationship shall be worthy of our loyalty and commitment.
  • Adopt simple and flexible organisation design and structure to get things done.
  • Measure what is important and reward the right results in the process of creating a visual knowledge-based workforce, a passionate people with thirst for excellence.
  • Listen hard and act decisively to suggestions, complaints and ideas that will assist us in exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders and the larger society.
  • Practice what we preach at all times; we shall not sacrifice these guiding rules on the altar of convenience or profitability.


To give fillip to the above Vision is our Mission which is“conservatively growing arithmetically to affect the world in the hands of three people-customers, employees and shareholders-committed in equal opportunity for the development of Ghana’s economy, humanity and to the glory of God.